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Mikael Håfström To Direct Epic Adventure Film 'Tunnels'

– by Ruben Gonzalez

tunnels The newest set of movies based young adult books is making its way to the forefront. The “Tunnels” series focuses on an underground civilization that is secretly located beneath London, England. The protagonists are two teenage boys who uncover this society as it waits for a savior, but the deeper the children go the closer they are to confronting an apocalyptic evil. Along with the script, this adaptation now has a director.

Relativity Media has signed Mikael Håfström who has directed such horror films like “1408” and “The Rite.” He is currently working on the Sylvester Stallone-led “The Tomb.” He will be working on a script by Andrew Lobell which was originally based on the work of Joel Bergvall and Simon Sandquist.

The series of books have been written by Roderick Gordon and Brian Williams. Sales of the book have reached the one million mark and have been published in about forty countries.

Barry Cunningham who is credited with discovering this work says of the literary series:

Only a few times in my life have I felt that rush of imagination in a story that I know is going to sweep up an audience in its grip, Tunnels made me believe in adventure, bravery and a new world.

Cunningham has also discovered the wildy popular “Harry Potter” saga and his book division, Chicken House, also has the “Hunger Games” under its belt.

Tucker Tooley and Kelly Dennis will executive produce. Tooley said:

Andrew has written an incredible script and Mikael brings a creative and powerful vision to this project. The Tunnels novels have proven to be one of the most immensely exciting adventure series in recent years and we can’t wait to translate that excitement to the big screen.

Source: Relativity Media

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