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Jena Malone will star in Ghost Story "Angelica"

– by Alex Corey

Deadline reports that actress Jena Malone, who has had mostly supporting roles, most notably in the miniseries: Hatfields & McCoys and in Suckerpunch will now star in the film adaptation of the ghost story "Angelica".

Mitchell Lichtenstein (TeethHappy Tears) will direct.

Here is a synopsis of the book from the author's website:

"From the bestselling author of The Egyptologist and Prague comes an equally accomplished and entirely surprising new novel. Angelica is a spellbinding Victorian ghost story, an intriguing literary and psychological puzzle, and a meditation on marriage, childhood, memory, and fear.

The novel opens in London, the 1880’s, and the Barton household is on the brink of collapse. Mother, father, and daughter provoke each other, consciously and unconsciously, and a horrifying crisis is triggered. As the family’s tragedy is told several times from different perspectives, events are recast, and sympathies shift; nothing is at it seems. These differing accounts appear to contradict each other, but each one casts new light—and new shadows—on the others, and on the desires and fears that drive these vivid characters.

In the dark of night, a chilling sexual spectre is making its way through the house, hovering over the sleeping girl and terrorizing her fragile mother. Are these visions real, or is there something more sinister, and more human, to fear? A spiritualist is summoned to cleanse the place of its terrors, but with her arrival the complexities of motive and desire only multiply. By day, the mother’s failing health and the father’s many secrets fuel the growing conflicts, while the daughter—innocent and vulnerable, or precocious and manipulative—flirts dangerously with truth and fantasy."

Malone will also be in TheHunger Games: Catching Fire, playing the role of Johanna Mason, a previous Hunger Games contestant who won by pretending to be weak.

SOURCE: Deadline, Arthur Phillips

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