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Amy Adams Sings and Talks 'Man of Steel'

– by Ruben Gonzalez

MOS Coming around to save the day in a blur of blue and red, the Man of Steel arrives this year. But, even though he will be the headliner, there is a lot more to Superman than just heroics. Lois Lane has been by the character’s side, enduring successive dangers and reboots. An intrepid and ambitious Lois will be one that can shed some light on Clark Kent as well as hold her own. Now, Amy Adams speaks of stepping in Lois’ high-heeled shoes.

On the “Tonight Show with Jay Leno,” Adams spoke about where her familiarity with DC’s characters came from. Superman was more my era of comic book than your era,” said the eponymous host. Adams then replied: I was really into the movies and Christopher Reeves and Margot Kidder. She continued by saying I really wanted to be Lois because I thought Superman was just awesome.

Adams went on to say her favorite scene was Lois and Superman’s first flight together because it was romantic. Though the actress did like the fact Lois used her smarts to succeed, she and Leno conjectured just how naive can she be if she could not tell Clark and Superman were the same.

The four-time Oscar nominee will be surrounded by a cast that includes Lawrence Fishburne, Kevin Costner, Russell Crowe, and Diane Lane. Henry Cavill, best known for his role as Charles Brandon in “The Tudors,” will play the lead in “Man of Steel” and Michael Shannon plays his militaristic foe, General Zod.

“Man of Steel” will open June 2013 and to see Amy Adams sing a piece of “Can You Read My Mind” from the original “Superman,” see the rest of the interview below.

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