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Toby Jones Confirms He'll Return For 'Captain America: The Winter Soldier'

– by El Mayimbe

bucky winter soldier.2Armin Zola is back! Remember in the The First Avenger when we first saw Zola's face over sized in glass? That was cool nod to fans. It's been kind of quiet on the Winter Soldier front. We should be hearing more soon since production ramps up the Cap sequel this spring. Can't wait for this year's Comic Con to see some sweet footage in Hall H.

I'm thinking if they bring back Zola, will it be in flashback? Or present? If it is the present then how did he survive for 70+ years? Questions Questions Questions. Let the fanboy speculation begin.

The guys over at HeyYouGuys blog scored a red carpet interview with the creepy Hitchcock actor. Yes, Toby Jones was a creeper as Hitchcock in HBO's The Girl. To get the Winter Soldier question skip the video over to 3:58 which we embedded for you cool kids below. Check it out. But that's not all cool kids!

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el_twitter Source: HeyYouGuys

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