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'Salt' Sequel Moving Forward With New Writer

– by Matt Granados

2010's Salt was a surprise hit, and it's certainly gotten a second life on cable based on the number of times it's re-replayed on the FX Channel.

Fox is moving ahead with a Salt sequel, and they're about to hire screenwriter Becky Johnston to re-write original writer Kurt Wimmer's draft.  Rumor has it Angelina Jolie was NOT taken with Wimmer's work, and wanted a fresh set of eyes.  Wish granted, Ms. Jolie.

Johnston is responsible for writing The Prince of Tides and Seven Years in Tibet.  Considering those films are intensely human dramas and Salt is a wacky espionage-laden shoot 'em up, it's strange that Johnston would even be considered for the job.

No word on a possible director or when Fox plans on making/releasing the sequel, but it's looking like the studio is serious on getting it all together.

Source: THR

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