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Christopher Nolan Compares Batman To Superman, Russell Crowe Calls 'Man Of Steel' Movie 'A Wonderful Opportunity'

– by Laura Frances

Christopher Nolan, who serves as executive producer on Zack Snyder's Man of Steel, recently answered some questions regarding the upcoming Superman film.

The Playlist was able to sit down with the director – who was out promoting the Blu-ray/DVD release of The Dark Knight Rises – and asked him about his role in future superhero films like Justice League. Nolan said that he's completely done with any Batman-related films.

"The [Batman] trilogy is done. It ended in the manner we had envisioned."

Okay, so Nolan may be done with the Caped Crusader, but he's not entirely finished with Superhero films. Like we mentioned, he's the exec producer on Snyder's Superman film. Nolan was asked if Man of Steel would be as "realistic" and dark as his Batman movies. The director said that he didn't want people to think they were doing for Superman what they did for Batman.

"[Man Of Steel] very much Zack's film and I think people are going to love what he's done. I think it's really remarkable to take on that character. Superman is a completely different character than Batman. So you can't in anyway use the same template. But David Goyer had this, I thought, brilliant way to make Superman relatable and relevant for his audience. Zack has built on that and I think it's incredible what he's putting together. He's got a lot of finishing to do on that. Superman is the biggest comic book character of them all and he needs the biggest possible movie version which is what Zack's doing. It's really something."

Meanwhile, MTV got a chance to talk to Russell Crow, who will play the great Kryptonian scientist Jor-El in the movie, while he was out promoting Les Miserables. Without giving anything away, Crowe told the site that being in the film was a wonderful opportunity to put "a specific thing in the minds of 14 year-old boys."

Check out the MTV interview with Russell Crowe below, and remember Man of Steel hits theaters June 14, 2013.

SOURCE: The Playlist, MTV

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