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General Zod's Famous Catchphrase WON'T Be In 'Man of Steel'

– by Matt Granados

This is geek minutiae to the max, but in the big picture world of Superman, this next bit of news actually matters:

"KNEEL BEFORE ZOD!" is a geek mating call, part of the pop culture lexicon -- a line of dialogue spoken by baddie General Zod in 1980's Superman II.

And it's been pretty much verified that the line IS NOT in the upcoming Man of Steel.

Actor Michael Shannon, who plays General Zod in Zack Snyder's film, appeared on Vh1's Big Morning Buzz Live, and spilled the beans.

When the annoying host asked Shannon to give his version of "KNEEL BEFORE ZOD!", in a painfully awkward moment he refused to do it.

Why?  Because he admitted that the line isn't even in the movie.

Watch the interview for yourself (if you can survive the dreadful host and her faux-peppiness juxtaposed against Shannon's state of pure discomfort):



Source: Vh1

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