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Chris Tucker Talks 'Rush Hour 4', Says It Will Be Fun

– by Philip Sticco

Chris tucker hasn't exactly been making a lot of movies lately. In fact, I think Silver Linings Playbook may be the first film he's done that isn't a Rush Hour films since the franchise started in 1998. He's getting good reviews for Silver Linings, so let's hope he starts bringing his talent to more films.

One thins he is doing is making another Rush Hour movie, at least he'd like to. Tucker had the following to say about Rush Hour 4:

"It's going to be a lot of fun. I hope it happens. We need to do one more.

"I just want us to be free and do our thing. I love working with Jackie, being around Jackie. Stuff just happens when we're together."

One problem would be Chan, who claims he is going to retire.

Do you think Tucker can convince Chan to return for one more film? Is it even worth it?

Admittedly, I haven't seen one of the Rush Hour films, so I ask you: Are they so good that Tucker isn't wasting his energy only doing these movies?


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