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The MotherF***er Makes His 'Kick-Ass 2' Set Debut!

– by Da7e

I was over on the Mark Millar forums when I saw that the man himself had a thread linking to the first - albiet lo-rez, but still first - pictures of the new Christopher Mintz Plasse Motherf*cker costume in Jeff Wadlow's 'Kick-Ass 2.'

The scene is during the MotherF*cker's re-rise to power after offing his mom. John Leguizamo as the bodyguard Javiar and Chris are driving around, Chris now in his MotherF*cker persona, when he decides to get the word out about the world's first super villain by knocking over a connivence store.

In the HIT GIRL comic (new issue out yesterday!), MotherF*cker shoots up the place.

What we saw from the Toronto set is Mintz-Plasse as MotherF*cker in costume psyching himself up for his first ultra-violence walking from Javier's car to the store.

Jump over to CBM to see video of this scene being shot.

But on the Forums, it was just Millar and a poster named Julien, who asked: "why the change from the orange costume at the end of the first kick-ass movie to this new, darker one?"

To which Millar replied: "Why did you wear something different today from yesterday?  : )"

And then Julien said: "Heh I was just asking because I thought the new costume from the first film was going to be the motherfucker's costume....I don't know if you noticed this yet but Latino Review spoiled a bit of the script here in a video [link]"

I apologize to you, Millar and Julien! I just used the still from the end of 'Kick Ass' because that was the only Mintz-Plasse MotherF*cker picture that was available! When I was doing the Ninja Turtles video, I got to pull a bunch of fan art, then I did the Robocop video the same way, but that fan art ended up being scarily close to the actual design. I am not in the business of spoiling concept art by re-creating it myself. Just, you know, for future reference!

Anyway, at the time of the video, I didn't know what MotherF*cker would look like. Now we sort of do.

Jump over to CBM as well to get a peek at a non-Viking Remembering Tommy.


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