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'Guardians of the Galaxy' Character Guide

– by Matt Granados

Rocket Raccoon.  Groot.  Gamora.  Star-Lord.  Drax the Destroyer.

You have until August 2014 to learn these names.  Who are they?  They are the starting lineup of your live-action Marvel Studios film Guardians of the Galaxy.

Sean Howe over at Vulture has written up a pretty great rundown of these little-to-never-known superheroes.

Here is a character guide (as interpreted by me -- someone who has never read a single Guardians comic*):


He is the memorable one of the bunch.  A raccoon with guns.  Awesome.  He lives in a sealed off portion of outer space called the Keystone Quadrant.  His starship is the RACK N’ RUIN, of which he is the captain.  He has a co-pilot named Wal Russ who is a walrus.

RR has not had a successful solo comic run ever.  I think our trigger-happy vermin’s luck is about to change in the next few years.


He is a walking tree monster.  Yes, like Treebeard from Lord of the Rings.  He is known as the Monarch of Planet X.  His mission: go to Earth and abduct humans for later study. He eats wood for sustenance, which technically makes him a cannibal.

A scientist got the best of Groot by unleashing a bunch of termites on him.  Someone get Groot the number to Terminix.


She is a dagger-wielding assassin, and the adopted daughter of Thanos.  She is known as the Deadliest Woman in the Whole Galaxy, or at least that’s what she calls herself.  In trying to kill Thanos, she ends up six feet under (later resurrected).

She has considerable daddy issues.


He is the guy dual-wielding two guns, looking like a Space Nazi Bounty Hunter.  He used to be an astronaut named Peter Quill who gained the mantle Star-Lord from a powerful alien called Master of the Sun.

Star-Lord is supposed to be a real jerk.  The Tony Stark of the Guardians, if you will.


After a real-estate agent named Arthur Douglas is killed by Thanos, some Titan gods bring back Arthur’s soul and give him a wicked powerful new body in order to enact revenge on Thanos.  Drax’s entire purpose is to destroy Thanos.

*I plan to soon!

Source: Vulture

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