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Does 'Dark Knight Rises' Have Robin After All?

– by Da7e

I was on the phone with a friend of mine yesterday and he asked if 'The Dark Knight Rises' would be any good. I told him that at this point, all I knew for sure about Christopher Nolan's Bat Trilogy-capper was that Catwoman and Bane were in it, there is a flying Bat Vehicle and it's 2 hours and 45 minutes long.

Outside of that, I think I've been in the speculation echo chamber too long to be motivated to find out what's in 'Rises' before I see 'Rises.' This is going to be Christopher Nolan's last Batman movie, but there will be other Batman movies regardless, much like there will be more comic book movies regardless. If I learned anything from 'The Dark Knight' and it's long and dramatic press-coverage arc from viral campaign to the death of Heath Ledger, it's that - after I'd seen the movie - I retroactively realized I didn't need any of it. 'The Dark Knight' was solid on it's own terms. Did I enjoy running around Manhattan on a scavenger hunt for a trailer reveal? Sure, but that had nothing to do with the movie. There was stuff in the movie and there was stuff not in the movie.

So despite everyone denying Robin's involvement up and down, is Robin in the movie? Forbes (taking a break from reporting on K.Stew's fortune) says yes:

And that's not all Forbes manages to pull out of that chalk symbol. Click HERE to see what happens when you turn it - UPSIDE DOWN!

I told my friend on the phone that the only thing I was doing to get excited for 'The Dark Knight Rises' is to re-read the Hush trade paperbacks. Hush has a whole bunch of inner-monologuing about what makes a good Robin. Grayson always saw it as boyhood adventure, which is why he outgrew it and became Nightwing, Todd always saw it as a game and that's what got him killed, Drake wants to be a great detective and that's what makes him the perfect counter-balance to a Batman that occasionally thinks about killing people and has to be talked down from the murderous edge.

And, hey: I bet if Muffled Bane said "Drake" it would sound like "Blake" and that's Joseph Gordon-Levitt's character in the movie - OMG, guys, I'm a genius.


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