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New Look at AVENGERS' CGI Ruffle-HULK

– by Da7e

Mark Ruffalo did motion capture for his version of The Incredible Hulk that will appear in The Avengers. He is the first person to ever play both The Hulk and Banner (let's not worry about what his first name is or isn't across all iterations).

Marvel's released another still of CGI Hulk as portrayed by Mark Ruffalo (Ruffle-HULK), this time looking a little less "smashy" and a little more like someone is describing fracking to him.

That was a Mark Ruffalo joke.

Anywho - it's nice to see emotion on Hulk's face.  Facial expression is always good and this third Hulk will hopefully go a bit deeper than Ed Norton's but not as "deep" as Eric Bana's. I can understand the fear that you don't want Hulk to come off as an over-emotive sissy, but Hulk knows...HULK KNOWS HE'S NOT A SISSY.

source: CBM

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