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Robert Rodriquez Updates on Quickdraw Prod., El Rey and Sequels to 'Sin City' and 'Machete'

– by Philip Sticco

Robert Rodriguez was at SXSW the other day and made few announcements.

First, he plans to start shooting the sequel to Machete, titled Machete Kills, in April, and says the long delayed Sin City 2 will begin shooting in the summer. He didn't give any casting details, but said both films will feature an "eclectic" cast just as their predecessors did. Danny Trejo is, of course, returning as Machete.

Next, Quickdraw Productions will be a separate entity and will focus on CG-animated films. The first two films will be Heavy Metal and a family film. Rodriguez wouldn't give the title of the family film saying it would spoil the concept much like Spy Kids. Both films have finished scripts and are moving into production. Rodriguez claims to have a new animation process that will help to expedite the usually long production time for computer animated films.

Lastly, he spoke about El Rey, his cable channel that will launchh in late 2013.

Here's what Rodriguez had to say about his Latino centered channel:

“It’s like a switch goes off in their minds, like this is what we’ve been building up to do, is to really step into more of a leadership position in the community to empower and help others. There’s nobody really operating in that space. That’s where the real growth is, in the Hispanic community. It’s the largest, fastest-growing minority, but there’s nothing really targeting them. There are 500 networks and none of them are doing anything in that area. So that’s what I’m going for right there.

“That’s what’s most needed culturally, too. You need to help not just reflect that identity but also shape that identity. Because if you ask any Latino, ‘Are you Latino?’ they might say, ‘Well, I don’t really speak Spanish, I’m not really American, I’m floating in between, and I’m not on TV, so I must not exist.’ It would change people’s view of themselves if they finally exist in this space.”

Should be interesting to see where he takes the channel. Word is it's already garnering interest from top Latino celebrities such as Salma Hayek, Benicio del Toro and Michelle Rodriguez. I'm all for more diversity in TV and entertainment in general.

SOURCE: The Hollywood Reporter

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