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International Poster for 'Battleship'

– by Philip Sticco

Thanks to Mike Markus we have another new poster for you. This time it's an international poster for Battleship. Check it out below.

The poster features Rihanna all tatted up and John Carter's Taylor Kitsch trying to be nonchalant as he checks her out. Just go for it, dude. Use a nautical innuendo. Tell her you want to sink her battleship or something.

"Peter Berg (“Hancock”) produces and directs “Battleship,” an epic action-adventure that unfolds across the seas, in the skies and over land as our planet fights for survival against a superior force. Based on Hasbro’s classic naval combat game, “Battleship” stars Taylor Kitsch as Hopper, a Naval officer assigned to the USS John Paul Jones; Brooklyn Decker as Sam, a physical therapist and Hopper’s fiancée; Alexander Skarsgård as Hopper’s older brother, Commanding Officer Stone of the USS Samson; Rihanna as Lt. Raikes, Hopper’s crewmate and a weapons specialist on the USS John Paul Jones; and international superstar Liam Neeson as Hopper and Stone’s superior (and Sam’s father), Admiral Shane."

I was skeptical when I heard there was going to be a Battleship movie, but I have to admit, I want to see this. It looks like its going to be a lot of fun.

Battleship hits theatres May 18th.

SOURCE: Mike Markus

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