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Reader's Review: 'This Means War'

– by El Mayimbe

So they have been having test screenings across the country for This Means War and apparently the buzz on this has been good. How good?

So good that the studio has pushed the film's release date up to Valentine's Day which falls this year on a Tuesday.

I can't remember when a film was released on a Tuesday. Ballsy move

One of our reader's named Agent Sidney Bristow was at one of the test screenings and the following is what she had to say. She likes the film and she sounds kinda hot too.

Just wanted to send you folks a shout out at Latino Review that I enjoy your site. I won't say what state I live in except that its very warm for most of the year. My boyfriend managed to get an invite for a test screening of the new Reese Witherspoon comedy “This Mean War”. Now let me start off by saying I'm not a fan of Reese Witherspoon, I don't care for her movies and frankly I'm frightened by her jaw which looks like it could put somebody's eye out. My boyfriend on the other hand happens to love her and what made me say yes to the screening was the fact that Chris Pine is also in the movie. I'm not a Trekkie, but I did like him in “Star Trek” although my BF hates his guts. Anyway, one thing we agreed on was that we both like Tom Hardy, especially after “Inception” and “Warrior”. I could gush about him for hours while my BF thinks he's classy and would make a good James Bond. We had no idea he was in the movie until it started and what a nice treat it was.

Pine is a cruise ship captain, while Hardy is a travel agent. Except, that's not really what they do. They're spies working for the CIA and the movie begins in an action sequence where they're trying to nab this international criminal. The criminal is played by Til Schweiger who I remembered from the movie “New Year's Eve” and according to several BFF's is the “Brad Pitt” of Germany. When his brother ends up dead, he swears revenge before getting away and Pine and Hardy's boss Angela Bassett punishes them with desk duty.

Pine's the real ladies man, while Hardy is unlucky in love and still hoping to rekindle his relationship with his baby mama who he shares a small boy with. He's joined a dating service and done everything imaginable until luck comes his way in the form of Witherspoon. Turns out she's been unlucky too and is hasn't been able to get over her last boyfriend because she keeps running into him and his new gal. The same day Witherspoon and Hardy meet, Pine runs into her in a video store and is impressed that she doesn't fall for his ladies man schtick. He uses his cronies at the CIA to track her down to her place of employment, eventually, convincing her to go out with him on a date.

Pine is actually happy for Hardy that he's found someone, but it comes as a big surprise when they realize they've initiated the first date with the same gal. As any good friend would, Pine agrees to back out, but Hardy doesn't like the fact that he's doing so out of pity. They agree to go forth with their respective first dates with Witherspoon, stay out of each other's hair and above all, never let it come between their friendship. Easier said than done.

Witherspoon has her own dilemma to contend with when she decides to date two guys at once, unaware that they both know each other. Her best friend Chelsea Handler sees no harm in it and actually eggs her on over the course of the story. I've never been a fan of Chelsea Handler either and saw her as one drunk blonde who lucked out and got a TV show, but I have to admit she's the funniest thing in this movie. There's one scene that had me in stitches where she hands Witherspoon a baby bottle of milk to drink in her car and it turns out its really a vodka cranberry. What I also found cute was the fact that she gets really sexed up for her husband who looks like a big fat slop.

Pine and Hardy each use their resources at the CIA to not only find out Witherspoon's likes and dislikes, but to track her movements as well as each other. The fact that they each have their own team of tech nerds helping them out is hilarious. With Witherspoon's house bugged, the two of them even listen to the conversations she has with Handler about them, learning her what turns her on or off. When Hardy learns she thinks he's a little too nice and easy-going, he takes her to a paint ball course where he uses his secret agent skills and goes on a rampage “killing” several hapless pre-teens. When Pine learns Witherspoon thinks he's selfish, he takes her to the dog pound and interacts with the clueless staff as if he comes there every day.

The comedy in this movie is so good that you forget about the threat of Till Schweiger coming to the States to get revenge on Hardy and Pine for the death of his brother. The situations Witherspoon finds herself in which each of her prospective boyfriends are hilarious and when there is action it comes at the right moments. What's also nice is that even though Pine and Hardy become rivals, in dangerous situations you can see they still care for each other. I won't say who I was rooting for to win Witherspoon's heart in this film, but the ending did surprise me, especially since there's more than one twist involved. This is a fun date movie that's probably gonna make a killing on Valentine's Day. My boyfriend compared it to “Mr. & Mrs. Smith”, but I disagree since that film had way more action but was not as funny as this one. Light on action, but some real good comedy here. All three leads are gonna have their choice of any film they want after this. Thanks, and if you use this mini-review, call me "Agent Sidney Bristow".

Source: Agent Sidney Bristow

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