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'Rambo' Isn't Dead Yet

– by Philip Sticco

I thought Rambo 5 was a dead project, but apparently I was wrong. Sometimes I don't mind being wrong at all.

Sean Hood, who wrote the Conan the Barbarian remake and Crow: Wicked Pray, has been working on the screenplay and tweeted this the other day when a fan asked the status of the project:

Rambo 5 on hold as Sly finishes Expendables 2. He hasn't decided if R5 will be an "Unforgiven" or a "passing of the torch."

So, it looks like the next Rambo film isn't dead at all, it's just on hold until Stallone finishes EX2.

Which direction would you like to see the new Rambo film go? I'd prefer it go The Unforgiven route and have it be John Rambo's swan song. I really don't see a point to passing the torch. They'll most likely remake or reboot the franchise in a few years anyway.

If you haven't read David Morrell's novel First Blood, do you yourself a favor and pick it up. Its a great dark thriller about the psychological and physical struggles of a veteran returning home after war. As much as I like the film, the novel gets into the character of Rambo in a more satisfying way. I read once it was actually required reading in schools until the Rambo films became popular. After that I supposed the school boards thought it was too associated with violent films. Oh well, their loss.

SOURCE: Twitter


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