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Gael Garcia Bernal Will be 'Zorro Reborn'

– by Philip Sticco

Gael Garcia Bernal has been cast in the title role in Zorro Reborn, 20th Century Fox's new take on Zorro. The new film will be a futuristic take on the character and won't take place in California or Mexico. Zorro will, however, continue to wear a mask and remain outside the law as a vigilante. That's all that's known of the plot.

I can't see Zorro in a "future" setting. Will he still carry a sword? What good will that do against future weaponry like lasers or The Schwartz? I like my Zorro in the old west saving the underprivileged classes.

The last time Zorro was seen onscreen Antonio Banderas played him in Martin Campbell's The Legend of Zorro, the lesser sequel to the superior Mask of Zorro.

I was pleasantly surprised by Mask of Zorro. I thought the script captured the perfect tone and Banderas was very good in the role. Garcia Bernal... I'm not so sure.

SOURCE: Variety

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