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EXCLUSIVE: Could John Turturro Undergo 'Pain And Gain'?

– by El Mayimbe

Ever since it was announced years ago, I have been tracking Michael Bay's meathead movie Pain And Gain, which is based on Pete Collins awesome three part Miami New Times article. Pain And Gain tells the story of Miami's infamous Sun Gym Gang who had a penchant for steroids, strippers, and quick cash. Most serious meatheads have a penchant for those things regardless, but the Sun Gym Gang engaged in kidnapping, torture, and then eventually murder. It was a fascinating read. Mark Whalberg is playing ringleader Daniel Lugo and The Rock is playing Lugo's wingman Adrain Doorbal. So according to my sources, Albert Brooks was supposed to play the part of Miami businessman Marc Schiller. Schiller was the guy who Lugo and Doorbal kidnapped, tortured, and left for dead. Schiller survived, wanted to get even, and then hired private investigator Ed Dubois to track down Lugo and Doorbal. Vulture reported that Ed Harris is circling the role of Dubois.

For whatever reason, Albert Brooks' deal fell apart.

Now, we can tell you that John Turturro is circling the role of Schiller. Turturro has worked with Bay before on all three Transformer movies.

Turturro is a great choice. Why? The hot and HILARIOUS script by Captain America writers Markus and McFeely is tonally in the vein of a Coen Brothers movie. I absolutely loved it. Casting frequent Coen Brothers collaborator Turturro is simply genius. Turturro tends to really shine in this type of material.

Not to mention the fact that Turturro even looks like Schiller.

Spot on casting if you ask me.

Pain And Gain is scheduled to go into production in the spring.

Hasta el proximo capitulo...


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