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Young Actress Joey King Confirms 'Dark Knight Rises' Suspicions

– by Andrew-Patrick Weymes

It's to the point now where there don't appear to be a lot of surprises when it comes to 'The Dark Knight Rises' -- at least character wise. The production started as secretive as they come, but quickly gave way to one massive spoiler after another. And behold, another potential one is about to follow. Here is your official SPOILER warning, so read at your own risk from this point onward.

Way back in 2011, the Surrey Comet reported that a young actress by the name of Leilah De Meza had been offered the role of "young Talia al Ghul" in the upcoming Batman film, but turned it down because it required her to shave her head bald, something that didn't sit well with her or her mother, Paula.

Rumors of Talia's inclusion in the film are as old as time itself. Feeding the legend, Batman-News spotted a recent interview that My Entertainment World had with 13-year-old actress, Joey King in which she out-and-out says that she has taken the role that De Meza had turned down. Her response to the question of who she plays is as follows:

"I play young Talia al Ghul. I can’t give too much away because I promised Mr. Nolan I wouldn’t say anything. There are too many secrets about the character and the movie."

That's what happens when a young, honest girl is interviewed. The character seems all but officially confirmed. Unless King has been grossly misled, or is an expert troll, her statement is probably legit.

Now all that needs to happen is an official statement. That may not happen, however. Nolan and crew may have hoped to keep this whole Talia situation kept under better wraps. If a young Talia is confirmed, does that mean that an older Talia, more than likely Marion Cotillard, is as well? That could be a mid-film reveal kind of thing.

With all this said -- or written -- does anyone think that there's a big secret in 'The Dark Knight Rises' that no one is expecting, and perhaps this whole Talia thing is just a well placed red herring?

Source: My Entertainment World

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