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Selena Gomez To Make 'The Sky Is Everywhere'

– by Philip Sticco

I'm going to try and write this up without being too sarcastic.

Deadline New York is reporting Wizards of Waverly Place star Selena Gomez and her production company (July Moon) have optioned the film rights to Jandy Nelson's book The Sky Is Everywhere.

The plot of the book follows...

"... 17-year old Lennie Walker, a bookworm and band geek who plays clarinet and lives in the shadow of her extroverted older sister, Bailey. When Bailey dies suddenly, her younger sibling is left to take center stage and balance not one boy but two. One is his sister’s grieving boyfriend, the other a musically inclined transplant from Paris. Her whole world threatens to collapse all over again as she tries to juggle both guys."

Of course Gomez will be playing the lead role of Lennie Walker. I have to say, this role sounds tailor made for her. If there's anything her look and style scream its that she's an "introverted bookworm band geek". Maybe if we're lucky Justin Bieber will be cast as one of the boys she's forced to juggle. One can only dream.

To be honest I'm kind of angry they're announcing this now. How am I supposed to care about The Avengers, Prometheus or The Dark Knight Rises know The Sky Is Everywhere is coming?

How'd I do with the sarcasm thing?

SOURCE: Deadline New York

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