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Hulk's Costume Revealed for 'The Avengers'?

– by Philip Sticco

The guys from Empire were over at the Toy Fair in London and got some pics of the Hulk toy for Marvel's The Avengers. Take a scroll below and check them out.

Notice anything? Me too. No purple pants. Apparently Mark Ruffalo's Hulk prefers to shop at the GAP, or Brooks Brothers... I don't know, wherever the hell they sell khakis.

Does this departure from Hulk's traditional pants bug you? Personally I'm okay with it. Shouldn't Hulk be wearing whichever pants Banner was pre-transformation? Unless Prince turns into Hulk, I seriously doubt he's wearing purple pants.

There's some more spoilerish Avenger toys Empire caught, but I won't get into that here. Click on the link below to check out their full article.

The Avengers comes to theatres May 4.

SOURCE: Empire

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